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SWIMKIDZ Berks/Hants/Wilts
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Swimkidz Berks/Hants/Wilts offers fun, progressive and structured swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and older children up to pre-competitive level.  

Hear from Caroline –  Company owner of Swimkidz Berks/Hants/Wilts:

“Learning to swim is a critical part of a child’s development, especially in a town like Newbury with all its rivers and canals.  As part of the National Curriculum, all children need to learn to swim at least 25m by the time they leave primary school, however many schools have limited resources and it comes down to parents to support a child’s ability to learn to swim to meet this.

Booking swimming lessons is the best way to support a child’s ability to learn to swim.  There are so many choices offering swimming lessons, from leisure centres to private swim schools, all of which offer different approaches – it really comes down to you and your child’s personal preference.  What will work for some, doesn’t always work for others.

When is it best to start lessons? 

Research has shown the earlier a child is introduced to swimming, the more familiar they will be with the water as well as providing many benefits for a child’s development.  Babies, before birth, live in amniotic fluid so starting swimming from an early age will feel just like home.  As a swim school owner, specialising in babies, toddlers, and older children, I have found that children who started swimming from an early age, are more confident in the water and progress quicker.

Swimming instructors go through rigorous and continuous training as part of their job.  Instructors spend many hours teaching different children – organised swimming lessons will provide the best environment for your child to learn to swim, providing important skills that will stay with them for life.  However, as a parent, you can support your child and their swim teacher by taking them to the pool in between lessons.  The more a child is immersed in the aquatic environment, the more confident they will be in the water whilst also giving them the opportunity to explore their limitations.

I read an article once which stated that ‘learning to swim was an investment into your child’s future’ and I believe this to be very true.  

At Swimkidz, I offer small group swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, and older children within warm pools.  Lessons run throughout  the week in various pools during term time, with our Summer term starting from 13th May 2024.  

The Summer term will start from 13th May 2024, it will be a 10 week course with a break from 27th May to 2nd June for half term.

**West Berkshire Family Life members can receive a 15% discount on their first term fees!  (For new customers, when you book for the full term)**

Please contact us today by emailing: havefun@Swimkidz.co.uk or call: 0750005 6623

Or for further details or questions or you can visit our website: www.swimkidz.co.uk

*Newbury & Thatcham pools only, subject to terms and conditions, this cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts”

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