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A career in horse racing

Horse racing is an industry filled with excitement, community and unrivalled passion.  One that rewards hard work, grit and determination. Working in horse racing opens up a world of possibilities, offering you a rewarding career that combines tradition, sport and a love for horses.

Speaking from first hand experience I can tell you that there are few careers that can give you as much back as a career in horse racing can!  It can take you all over the world if you wish and to a horse lover a ‘job’ in the industry doesn’t really feel like much of a hardship at all. 

Contrary to popular belief, starting a career in horse racing does not require any experience and does not discriminate on your background – the only thing that matters to have a successful career in the industry is to have a can do attitude and good work ethic, if you possess these qualities then the world of horse racing truly is your oyster.

If you wish to work in horse racing with aspirations of becoming a jockey, trainer, assistant trainer, travelling person or groom then their are 2 different pathways you can take.  You can enrol on a course at one of the 2 racing schools in the country  – The British Racing School, Newmarket & The National Horse Racing College, Doncaster.  Or you can apply for a job on a race yard directly, learning and progressing over time.  

Both options are explained in further detail below:

The British Racing School, Newmarket

The British Racing School - Careermap

Situated on the outskirts of Newmarket, the HQ of British horse racing, The British Racing School offers a state-of-the-art training centre boasting top-notch facilities and hands-on learning experiences. With a seven-furlong Activ-Track straight gallop to cutting-edge race simulators and analysis software, the BRS has everything you need to fuel your passion and kickstart a successful career in the racing industry.


The British Racing School offers various courses covering roles in the industry. 

A popular course at the school and one that leads you directly into employment after completion is the Foundation Course.

This course is for 16-25 year olds who are interested in a career in racing.  Following a successful interview candidates embark on either a 12 or 18 week* programme where they learn everything from horse riding to yard work.

On completion of the course the British Racing School find candidates a full time paid job in a working Racing Yard where they can continue their training and begin an apprenticeship, working towards their Level 2 Diploma, fully supported by The British Racing School.

Find out more about opportunities at the British Racing School HERE You will also find them on Instagram & Facebook.

The British Racing School, 11 Newmarket Road, Newmarket CB8 7NU

British Racing School awarded ‘Outstanding’ grade by Ofsted | British ...Standard Page - British Racing School


The National Horseracing College, Doncaster


The National Horseracing College (NHC) provides a responsive centre of training excellence within the north of England, identifying, encouraging and nurturing talent, particularly within young people.

NHC’s wide range of courses specifically cater for the staffing needs of the British racing industry. With 94% of their Foundation Course students going on to careers in the horse racing industry, many of whom continue their education with NHC during their employment.

In just 12 weeks candidates could be qualified to work in the horse racing industry.  

Residential Foundation Course

Level 1 Diploma in Work-Based Racehorse Care

For people seeking their first taste of racing, the Foundation Course involves: 

  • 18-week, residential Foundation Course
  • 12 weeks at the National Horseracing College and 6-week work experience placement
  • Courses start every 4 weeks
  • Riding and non-riding option
  • Designed to ensure learners are competent both on the ground working with horses and also whilst riding a thoroughbred horse at exercise
  • Learners will receive lectures and demonstrations and will work to a routine similar to a racing stable whilst at the NHC
  • The aim of this course is to prepare learners for work in a racing stable

You can find out more about the National Horseracing College HERE – You will also find them on Instagram & Facebook.

The National Horseracing College, The Stables Rossington Hall, Great North Road, Doncaster DN11 0HN

Racehorse Simulatorslider-6


UK Race Yards

If you feel that you are the kind of person that responds best learning from elders and picking things up as you go along or perhaps the learning environment of a school is not for you, then you can apply for a job directly to a race yard.  Most trainers will be happy to take someone on with little experience but who possesses a good attitude and a strong work ethic. 

You can find the latest job advertisements in racing at www.careersinracing.com and you can find a full list of UK racehorse trainers and their contact details at www.racehorsetrainers.org/find

If you would like to know more about the industry in general then please feel free to email me at: hannah@westberkshirefamilylife.com

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