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When is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?

A guest blog by Becca from The Ginger Collective Photography.

I started The Ginger Collective Photography out of a yearning to capture my children just as they are, committing their personalities to print – chaos included!

As a Mum of 2, I know first-hand how exhausting the first year of parenting is. Having a baby is a truly wonderful experience but can be very overwhelming and the first few months can fly past while you’re getting to know your new bundle of joy.

My name is Becca, and I am a natural family photographer specialising in children. I am often asked when the best time for a newborn shoot is. I think in society, we are so driven by the correct time to do everything. There is only one shot, and if we miss it, we’ve missed the boat entirely.

I would like to reframe this question and think about what memories and moments you want to capture during the newborn year. I know this can be particularly hard for a baby’s first year, because they change so much over such a small period of time.  

However, below is what I do tell clients who are trying to work out when the best time for a newborn shoot is.

My first question is always this. What story do you want to tell? What moments do you want to pass down to the next generation?

1-3 weeks

This is when your little bundle of joy is teeny tiny, and very sleepy. Mum and Dad are getting used to the newest member to the family, and I love these pictures to show that. There is baby paraphernalia everywhere, a sleepy haze across the house and the start of the most incredible story unfolding. The baby can’t do anything yet, so a lot of the images will be taken in Mum and Dads arms or in their cot. Remember, I like to capture your life just how it is, and how you want to remember it. These first few weeks’ FLY past, and you’ll never have those moments again. I love the mess and chaos that a newborn brings, and looking back, it’s those small details you’ll want to remember too. The nappy changes, the feeding, the tiny little finger holding yours.

6 weeks plus

At this point, we may be seeing a little smile and more awareness of the world. Your little baby can see a bit more, and so these pictures have more of the baby’s personality in them. They’re still very small but there will be more pictures with their eyes open and engaging with Mum and Dad. At this age and onwards, your baby will become more engaged in its surroundings, and be able to hold onto objects, smile at you and make all those amazing first noises.

6 months plus

Although I’m not sure this falls into a newborn category anymore, this is when your baby is finding their feet in the world. They may be sitting up, they’ll be laughing, and you may be starting to wean them. There is lots of fun things going on at this time, and certainly things you won’t want to forget.

There is no ‘right time’ to book in a professional for a newborn shoot – each moment is equally special. Just think about what you want to remember (as it will become a blur!) and how you may be feeling at the time. Becoming a parent is extraordinary, so why not book a photographer in while you’re pregnant and you can forget all about it and concentrate on the miraculous new life.

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