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The Parent Village at Educafe, Newbury

Part of Newbury’s Educafe, The Parent Village meets every Wednesday at Newbury Library from 11am until 2pm.

We recently caught up with the two mums behind The Parent Village, Colline and Zara, to find out more about this wonderful local support group for parents and how it all came about.

Zara told us:

“It all started when I realised how hard it was to create my own ‘village’ during bringing up my first daughter. We all know it takes a village to raise our little munchkins. Some days, we need all the help we get, and other days, we need to talk and eat cake. When I spoke to Colline about this ‘village’ that seemed to be missing in Newbury (when we were both pregnant in my garden earlier this year), she mentioned hosting it at Educafe and ‘The Parent Village’ was born. 

We are a friendly support group. Our space at the library is about local parents helping other local parents and being there for each other. Parents are welcome to drop-in at any time between 11 and 2. There’s no time pressure (to allow for that extra feed/poo explosion and less stress than having to get to a class on time). There’s free tea, coffee, and cake. And it’s all brought to us so we can relax!

We have a rota of organisations and charities who come to perform/create fun for us:

1st Wednesday (of the month):

Swings and Smiles with sensory reading and sensory toys for little ones

2nd Wednesday: 

Corn Exchange crafty corner and Lizzie from Boogie Mites musical class

3rd Wednesday:

Watermill Theatre put on an interactive themed class

Last Wednesday of the month: 

Breastfeeding support from Parent Hub’s Jo, Mencap and Swings & Smiles with sensory toys for little ones and support for any aged child.

We also have regular local visiting experts such as NHS nutritionists who do regular drop ins and can help with weaning/fussy toddlers, First Aid Talks with Q&A, monthly one-on-one breastfeeding support, a Woman’s Health Physio to support post natal bodies and more.

Coming up we have: a Sleep Consultant, a Reflexology lesson, Baby Massage tasters and Hypnobirthing courses; even a Matrescence talk about our journey from a woman to a mother.

It’s not just the weekly group meetings either, we have an informational WhatsApp Group providing knowledge on what’s coming up and helping new mums find their way if they’re new to the area.

All parents and children are welcome.”

W: www.educafeuk.co.uk

Facebook: EducafeUK

Instagram: educafeuk

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