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You can join the Swimkidz programme in West Berkshire soon after your baby is born and stay with them right up until your child reaches 10 years. This unique swimming programme, which has been awarded an STA Swim Star Swim School Bronze award, aims to provide lessons that are structured, progressive and fun in a safe and caring environment. The instructors are fully qualified and teach in the water, enabling children to swim independently from a young age.
“There are many health benefits to early swimming, including motor and neurological development. Research has suggested that babies who participate in swimming are often more alert for their age and have better eating and sleeping patterns.”
SK UW babyWith classes in Newbury, Thatcham and Hermitage, Swimkidz in West Berkshire is run by Caroline Bairstow. Mumpreneur Caroline first experienced Swimkidz after the birth of her first child. With a strong belief in the importance of swimming and instilling this important lifesaving skill at an early age, she booked into the Swimkidz programme and has never looked back. After the birth of her second child, Caroline decided a career change was in order as her love for her previous profession had diminished. She re-trained as a Swimming instructor specialising in “from birth up to adult” and it was after 3 years of teaching that Caroline then took the plunge and opened the Berks/Hants/Wilts franchise.
It’s now several years later and Caroline’s franchise continues to grow along with her love for teaching children to swim. The programme allows your child to grow not only in age but in ability and therefore has the feel of a family togetherness.
WestBerkshireMums trialled two of their private lessons, we visited Brockhurst and Marlston House School in Hermitage one Sunday afternoon. The younger class had two instructors in the pool and received a lot of personal attention; they appeared to have the right balance of skill teaching against fun game play. The older class practised techniques and then followed with a diving board jump, which was very exciting. Both our 8 and 5 year old thoroughly enjoyed the experience and from our viewing area on the day we would rate them highly.
For more information see the Swimkidz Website or join Caroline on her Facebook & Twitter pages. You can also email questions to havefun@swimkidz.co.uk or call 0750 0056623.
Swimkidz Berks/Hants/Wilts is a WestBerkshireMums card partner offering our Card holders a great discount! See our Members’ page for more information.

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