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Have You Got Your West Berkshire Family Life Membership Card?

Have you got your West Berkshire Family Life membership card yet? It’s completely free and you can use it to redeem special local deals & discounts. Let me explain a little bit more about the membership card, how it works and where you can use it – read on for all the details!

The membership card (previously the West Berkshire Mums card/West Berkshire Mums Family Card) is a great way to support local businesses and enjoy some fantastic deals at the same time.

The membership card is very kindly sponsored by Complete Childcare.

Complete Childcare logoHow does it work?

It’s very simple, you just complete the signup form on this website (right here) with all of your details (please make sure they’re entered correctly!) and I’ll then post your card to you shortly afterwards. I’ll try to get your card to you as soon as possible but please allow up to four weeks for it to arrive – I am not fortunate enough to have a team and I have other commitments (such as family) which means I sometimes can’t get the cards sent out as quickly as I would like. If you haven’t received your card four weeks after signing up, please get in touch so I can investigate.

Your card will arrive with a letter detailing all current offers (you can also view offers on the membership page). Your letter will contain your membership number – please keep a record of this. Some membership card business partners will ask you to provide your membership number when redeeming their offers. The previous plastic cards had membership numbers on the front, but these new environmentally friendly fibre cards do not.

Where can I use my card?

You can view all current offers here. I recommend checking this membership page regularly as all offers are subject to change/withdrawal and new offers are often added. All new offers are announced on social media and there is a membership card update in every newsletter. If you’re not signed up to receive the newsletters, you can subscribe here. Business partners offering deals include children’s activity providers, places to eat, family photographers, fitness classes and lots more!

Here are some of the most popular membership offers:

and some of the newest offers:


Is it really free?


I have a West Berkshire Mums card/Family Card? Do I need to sign up for a new membership card?

No – you can still use your old card. In fact, I’d prefer it if you did so as not to create waste! All membership card business partners are made aware that there are three different versions of the card in circulation and should accept all three when members redeem offers with them.

How long will my card take to arrive?

I’ll try to get it sent out as soon as I can but please allow up to four weeks for your card to arrive.

Are you able to provide my membership number before I receive my card?

Unfortunately not. The reason for this is that membership numbers are not allocated until the card requests are processed and the cards sent out. However, if you need it please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. Bear in mind that some membership partners will also ask for other proof of membership – e.g. for you to show your card or provide them with a photo.

Where can I find my membership number?

Your membership number is located towards the top of the welcome letter that arrives with your card (please keep a note of your membership number!). The numbers cannot be displayed on the front of the cards due to them being fibre, rather than plastic like the old style cards.

If you have a West Berkshire Mums card or a West Berkshire Mums Family Card, your membership number is displayed on the front of the card – you should only need the last eight digits when using your number to redeem an offer.

Do I need to live in West Berkshire?

Nope, you just need to live in the UK. Of course, most of the offers are West Berkshire based but lots of people from Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and the other side of Berkshire sign up for cards.

I’m not a mum, can I still have a card?

Absolutely! Dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, childminders etc are all very welcome to sign up for a card (you don’t need to have kids!). Some of the offers are aimed specifically at women (e.g. women only fitness classes) but the majority of offers can be used by anyone.

I have older children, is it worth signing up for a card?

Yes! Only a handful of offers are aimed at those with younger children. Many of the offers can be enjoyed by families with children of all ages, or even without children! (E.g. photographers, places to eat, fitness classes).

Any more questions?

If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, please get in touch

I hope you enjoy using your card. I LOVE hearing from members – please tag West Berkshire Family Life in your social media posts when you use your card, let me know if there is a particular offer that you have enjoyed using, or even if you know of somewhere you would like to be able to use your card.

Here’s the social media links:

Facebook: West Berkshire Family Life

Instagram: westberkshirefamilylife

Twitter: @WestBerksFL

TikTok (still a work in progress!): westberkshirefamilylife

You can email me at rebecca@westberkshirefamilylife.com.

Rebecca, West Berkshire Family Life Editor.

June 2022

West Berkshire Family Life Editor, Rebecca

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