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Crocodiles of the world

Open 7 days a week including Bank holidays from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, if you have a couple of spare hours pop over to Brize Norton and visit with the crocodiles.
Croc 3Onsite you can visit a variety of crocodylia including crocodiles, alligators and Caimans. You can view from above, from the side through glass fronted enclosures, but also they have underwater viewing points, so you can see these fascinating creatures from some amazing angles.
They have thought out the walkways and have plenty of room to push a buggy or wheelchair round with ease. There currently are 2 buildings, you enter via the main one and can explore the incubation centre, hatchling and juvenile care enclosures and go out into the Alligator house via the back.
You exit the main building and come to a picnic area which would be great on warmer days for a family picnic, this also houses a children’s wooden climbing frame. They have a small café situated in the main building with a few tables and serve hot drinks, sandwiches and a few snack bits. They provide a microwave for customer use, which is great if you need to heat baby food/milk.
Croc 1You then enter the 2nd building which is the crocodile house. We highly recommend watching them feed as they can be quite motionless reptiles, however during this session they come to life and you can watch them exercise, jumping for their dinner. During which you listen to the zoo keeper give a great talk and can ask any questions you have burning.
They hold various talks throughout the day and have animal encounters where you can hold a snake (my son loved Ethel the python) and even hold a baby alligator. Croc 4During your alligator experience you are photographed, this is at an extra cost however this is starts from only £4.50 (fridge magnet or keyring) and the proceeds go back into supporting the zoo and a percentage even goes to the crocodile conservation. Children have to be 5 years + though you can understand why, as they have to be able to safely handle the baby alligator without harming either party. On our visit we did have to queue however it wasn’t long and our children said it was definitely worth it.
The toilets are situated at the back of the main building where they have a basic changing stand in the disabled toilet for customer use.
A family ticket costs £27.00 or £135 for an annual pass and can be purchased on-line or on entrance to the zoo and includes free car parking.
Crocodiles of the World
Burford road
Brize Norton
OX18 3NX
T: 01993 846353
E: info@crocodilesoftheworld.co.uk
W: https://www.crocodilesoftheworld.co.uk/
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