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Craft & Crumb: Interview with founder, louise nicholson

Craft & Crumb baking kits recently launched into Ocado and John Lewis. We caught up with Louise Nicholson, one of Craft & Crumb’s founders, to find out how the business came about and how she feels about being stocked in two major UK retailers.

How does it feel being taken on by a major UK retailer?

It’s a total dream come true – when we started this at our kitchen table and talked of the days that we’d be listed in national retailers – and the fact that two approached us at the same time was so exciting! We still have our full range of bake and craft kits as well as our party bags that will always be available on our own website and we never want to lose track of all our loyal customers who have returned to us throughout the years for party bags for their children and gifts for their nieces/newphews/god children etc…

What’s new in this latest range of kits?

We wanted to create some new everyday simple bake and craft kits that can be enjoyed at home on a rainy day or during an after school playdate. We wanted them to be fun and entertaining and just as much about the crafting as baking. We stuck firm to our best selling themes as we know that kids big and small will have fun baking and making together. 

Do you have any tips for others dreaming of launching their own food business?

Embrace the rollercoaster! Like anyone launching any business, there are highs and lows and mistakes to be learnt from but when it’s something you are seriously passionate about it never feels like hard work – just hours and hours of work instead.

Do you have a suggestion for parents looking for a Craft & Crumb present for Christmas? What’s your favourite kit?

My personal favourite is our Christmas Jumper kit – I love it because it can be gifted to young or old, girl or boy and it really is one that all the family can get involved in as each person decorates their own jumper biscuit as they wish. Last year when the UK was shut down for Christmas, we had lots of orders from corporate businesses who were unable to celebrate ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ in the office but gifted these to their employees and families instead. We were sent so many photos and asked to be judges of their bake-offs, it was brilliant fun!

What has been the biggest challenge scaling up as a business that started in your kitchen?

Time, people and money will always be the biggest threat to a startup – you need to have a lot of faith and belief to take the next step and take on serious overheads and to believe that this will actually help you to grow your business – which it entirely did for us – but it can take a couple of months until you really feel the benefit and finally see the results.

Do you have any recommendations for going into business with a friend?

I feel utterly blessed to be working with a friend, I couldn’t possibly imagine doing this on my own nor with any other friend – mainly because we are so similar yet have very different strengths. We work brilliantly well together as we have very clear roles and responsibilities and this is key, we don’t tread on each other’s toes but act as great sounding boards for each other.  We still holiday as families together and have a tendency to chat work when we are on the beach in Norfolk – we really must stop that!  So if you think you could work with your partner on that rollercoaster, then go for it.

What’s next for Craft & Crumb?

Onwards and upwards – we have more national retailers we’re in talks with and we have a plethora of new fun food based activity kits in the pipeline to be launched next year. Seasonal kits for Easter 2022 and the summer holidays are in the development stages and we think we have some really unique kits that we’re excited about launching, even though they are months and months away!

Louise Nicholson, Craft & Crumb 

Craft & Crumb’s latest kits start from £5.99 and are available to buy now at ocado.com and johnlewis.com  

Website: www.craftandcrumb.com  

Instagram: @craft_crumb

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